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Image of the kraft box containing silk Earl Grey tea temples. A tea bag is shown out of the box and displayed with a wooden tea spoon.

Grimm's Restorative Brew Box - Earl Grey Tea

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Created by the experts in the happily ever after, the carefully blended leaves are known to be the solver of problems in all realms.

X Moisture from a morning mist
X Perfume of a prince's pear
   Musings on a future masterpiece

Side Effects:
   Wrath over wrongly placed apostrophes'
 Delusions of grandeur
X Enthusiasm for encyclopaedias

Notes for Mortals:

A box of 15 silk Earl Grey tea temples containing large, Black Leaf infusion flavoured with Oil of Bergamot possessing a delightful citrus flavour. This recipe is made using 100% natural Bergamot Oil and the teas used are authentic from the time at which it would have first been commercially produced (Circa 1830).

A great go with item to accompany our Travel Cauldrons and pairs especially well with the Creature Comforts biscuits.

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