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Image of Edible Magic Beans spilling out of the jute drawstring bag.
Image  shows the inside of the bag of Edible Magic Beans - vegetarian friendly jelly beans.

Magic Beans (edible)

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Jack's tale is a cautionary one - if you plant magic beans, chances are that you'll get a beanstalk and a giant moving in at the top (very high maintenance).
Instead of dealing with a giant at the bottom on your garden, we recommend consuming these magic beans to prevent rampant beanstalk breakouts.

Caution: not suitable for planting or cow-swapping.

Note for Mortals: 
100 grams assorted flavoured edible jelly beans, colour and style may vary from image shown.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, cornflour, acid (citric acid), colours (anthocyanins, vegetable carbon, lutein, mixed carotenes), glazing agents (shellac, carnauba wax, beeswax), flavourings, vegetable oils (palm, coconut), stabilizer (gum Arabic), plant extracts: safflower, spirulina.

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