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Image of Creature Comforts, otherwise known as clotted cream shortbread biscuits in a tube. Image shows tube with some biscuits sat on a plate. Tube is a design of kraft paper printed with a silhouette of woodland trees and creatures
Image of the back of the tube of Creature Comforts biscuits showing the ingredients and nutritional information
Image showing side of tube of Creature Comforts biscuits with faux side effects and ingredients
Image shows full range of biscuits stocked at Grimm & Co including Pointless Procrastinations, Delightful Daydreams, Creature Comforts and Welcome Distractions
Nutritional Info for Clotted Cream Biscuits per 100g: Energy kJ/kcal 2218kJ/531kcal, Fat 29.8g, of which saturates 18.5g, Carbohydrate 69.5g, of which sugars 19.3g, Protein 6.1g, Salt 1.02g

Creature Comforts

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These drums of crumbs are suitable for any occasion - whether you are lost in a forest and needing to leave yourself a path to get home, or whiling away the hours occupied with daydreams  - use these tasty large crumbs, and bonus free gift of 10 minutes, to relax and rest your wings.

Best Served with Grimm's Restorative Brew 

Alternative uses: 
House bricks - alluringly fragrant to mortals

x Essence of elevenses
   2 spots of indulgence
x Churned with cream of cosy cheer

Side Effects:
x Cheshire cat grin
x 'Just one more' syndrome
   Compulsive knitting

Note for mortals:
Drum of clotted cream shortbread biscuits made by Farrah's of Harrogate, see photo for ingredients and allergens.
Other flavours are available.

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