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Image of the kraft card box of English Breakfast silk tea bags with a tea bag shown out next to the box. Product is labelled as Grimm's Restorative Brew Box.
Image of the kraft box of English Breakfast silk tea bags shown with back info label of faux ingredients, side effects and directions for brewing.

Grimm's Restorative Brew Box - English Breakfast Tea

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Created by the experts in the happily ever after, the carefully blended leaves are known to be the solver of problems in all realms.

X 2 Toasted seeds of tranquillity
X 1 Scruple of ripened inspiration
   A pinch of mashed mischief

Side Effects:
   Spontaneous tree hugging
X Passion for comfort breaks
X Nocturnal yoga

Notes for Mortals:

A box of 15 silk English Breakfast tea temples. A delightful Large Leaf Blend of Indian and Chinese Teas creating a perfect easy drinking traditional tea. This blend recreates the character and flavour of teas from the Early to Mid 19th Century.
Tasting notes: Slightly smokey, smooth, cultured and absolutely delicious!

A great go with item to accompany our Travel Cauldrons and the tea pairs especially well with the Pointless Procrastinations chocolate chip biscuits.

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