Image showing the front cover of the hardback book The Atlas of Christmas with a dark green background and golden text featuring graphic illustration of a tree bauble with a map of the world inside.
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Atlas of Christmas

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A festive, delightfully-illustrated compendium that features holiday traditions from around the world. From Jólabókaflóð (Christmas Book Flood) in Iceland to Festa dei sette pesci (Feast of Fishes) in Italy and Christmas lanterns in the Philippines, The Atlas of Christmas uncovers the fascinating (and sometimes, downright odd) ways that people and nations celebrate the holiday season, and inspires us to share these unique traditions together with family and friends.

Do you know that in Guatemala there's a "Burn the Devil" tradition to kick off the Christmas season, where people gather to set fire to devil-piñatas? Or that in Sweden, a popular figure in Christmas traditions is the Yule Goat, a rowdy, menacing character who demands gifts? Serbian men traditionally throw grain and corn at a tree, then kiss its bark, before they cut it down to make a Yule Log. And in Japan, a big bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken has become the classic Christmas Day feast. These and many other global Christmas traditions are featured here in this delightful little book. From decorations and activities to feasts and special treats, there's a wide range of both lovely and unusual traditions from around the globe.

Suitable for readers from 8-11 years.

Author: Alex Palmer

Notes for Mortals:

Publisher: Running Press Adult

Number of pages: 256
Dimensions: 14.1 cm x 2.79 cm x 20.7 cm
Published: 15/10/2020

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