Our apothecary is currently closed and we are not able to fulfil orders at this time, other than gift vouchers and pen pal post. Please e-mail shop@grimmandco.co.uk if you have any queries.

Donation to Grimm & Co
Donation to Grimm & Co
Donation to Grimm & Co
Donation to Grimm & Co
Donation to Grimm & Co

Donation to Grimm & Co

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Note for Mortals:

Behind all the magic of the apothecary, if you sift through the potion ingredients and clear aside the quills and ink pots, you will find the real magic that exists for children and young people of South Yorkshire and beyond.
Grimm & Co champions the writer in every child by offering free creative writing workshops for mini mortals aged 7-18 years old to champion the writer in every child. 

Every purchase you make on our Apothecary online shop supports our charity with funds to help run more workshops, offer more resources and reach even more children and young people to encourage them in writing.


x Spirit of giving, 40% abv 
x Pennies from heaven
x Webs of a money spider

Side Effects:

x Warm and fuzzy feeling
x Lavish generosity
x Payitforwarditis (the good kind, not the kind that causes hiccoughs)

Caution: Activation of this product may have life-changing consequences

Please note: This item is not a physical product, but if you would like to receive a Thank You letter to pass on, as a gift for example, please let us know in the notes section at checkout and leave your address or email so we can send heaps of gratitude your way!

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