Image showing Salt of Serenity, otherwise known as a natural pink Himalayan salt candle holder.
Image shows a tealight and Salt of Serenity kraft label, resting on the brown paper bag it is delivered in.
Closeup image of the Salt of Serenity label tied to the top of the brown paper tealight bag.
Closeup image of the Salt of Serenity label, displaying faux ingredients and side effects.

Salt of Serenity (Small)

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This salt lamp is made from natural sea salt from an ancient sea, which was squeezed out of existence by moving continents hundreds of millions of years ago (the mermaids were extremely disgruntled by the need for relocation) and now lies buried in the foothills of the Himalayas. 
The salt has been mined for hundreds of years (providing employment for local yetis and dwarves) and is believed to have first been discovered in 320BC when Alexander The Great's horse stopped to lick it.

x Grains of crystallized calm
Warmth from a yeti embrace
Light from the end of a tunnel

Side Effects:
Spontaneous midnight yoga
Gloom and doom deflection
   Tree-hugging tendencies

Note for Mortals: 
Salt lamp comes with a tealight candle. Product absorbs moisture from the air and so may appear damp or wet when not in use. Store on a coaster or surface that will not tarnish and keep away from pets and small children.

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