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We need your help!

It’s been a difficult year for us magical beings.  Disruptions in the mortal world have affected our ability to get around and visit our favourite shop, Grimm & Co.  The dragons have been so bored they've been clawing off the roof tiles just to keep themselves busy... and the giant got so grumpy she even headbutted a hole in the ceiling - yikes!  Graham Grimm has been doing his best of course, but what with the dragons landing on the roof, making holes with their sharp talons, and the dwarves tunnelling underground, he needs a bit of help.

Obviously, reasonable adjustments need to be made.  Extra mischief blockers need to be in place for those pesky pixies, we need a supply of dragon talon protectors to stop them carving holes in the roof, and giants need helmets to stop them banging their heads and causing MORE holes in the roof!

Sponsor a magical being and donate to our festive fundraising campaign, and you will receive a digital letter from your sponsored magical being.  Add an extra £10 to receive a handwritten letter in the post**, but please be aware that some unicorns may struggle to hold a quill, and trolls and ogres aren’t renowned for their calligraphy skills.

So if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, or simply feel a bit sorry for those beings who need a bit of extra help, sponsor a magical being or two, and change their lives this festive period. 

Every magical being you sponsor has the strange and wonderful added benefit of supporting Grimm & Co, helping the Yorkshire literacy charity change lives, one story at a time. 

 (Mortal translation – Grimm & Co moved to a new premises during lockdown.  This building is much larger and will enable us to reach many more children and young people with free creative writing workshops.  Unfortunately, the roof is leaking, and we need to repair this beautiful building before we can create our magical apothecary and workspaces.  We need your help to do this!  If you can Gift Aid your donation, this will add an extra 25% to the funds without you spending an extra magic bean.  Many thanks for your support.)

Elves - £5 (they aren’t too much trouble – hard workers, especially at this time of year)

Bogwitch - £10 (needs extra encouragement to leave their bog)

Ogre - £15 (a bit dim, need instructions to be translated into ogretalk, spoken with use of a megaphone)

Unicorns - £20 (always need to watch out for them tossing their heads and causing accidental damage)

Mermaid - £30 (need additional water courses to swim to the magical spring within Grimm & Co)

Dragons - £50 (wings, talons, breathing fire – it’s a risky business, and we need to install lots of dragon safety features)

Pixies - £75 (cause so much trouble.  Need many extra elves to mitigate the risk of them shopping with us)

Suggest your own favourite magical being to sponsor - £100 (we may have difficulty contacting your suggested magical beings, so we may have to send you a personalised, framed certificate with a wax seal, with a small gift instead.  Apologies for this.)

** To receive a handwritten letter by post, please enter the amount for the magical being you wish to sponsor, plus an extra £10 for the letter, with a note telling us who where you would like the letter to be sent.

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