Image shows the front cover of The Book Of Wizard Craft, written by Janice Eaton Kilby. Displayed on a book stand with candles.
Image of The Book Of Wizard Craft laying open, showing the first page of Chapter 2 and an illustration.

The Book of Wizard Craft

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 I'm an old wizard and want to share my magical secrets with eager apprentices. It's time to reveal all: recipes and instructions for making more than 50 of the most useful tools and potions, from essential gear to great room decorations to magical concoctions.

In which the apprentice finds spells, potions, fantastic tales and 50 enchanting things to make.

Suitable for readers aged 8+

Author: Janice Eaton Kilby

Note for Mortals:
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc
ISBN: 978-1454935476

Number of pages: 144
Dimensions: 20.83 x 2.03 x 23.11 cm
Published: 06/2019

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