Image shows a selection of Wheels of Doom, each with a slightly different colour and size.  Made from halves of ammonite fossils, they are polished on one half to reveal the detail of the spiral shell inside.
Image of three Wheels of Doom shown on the reverse  side to show the pearlescent and textured outer shell. Colours vary in shades of brown and amber with pearly sheen.

Wheels of Doom

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 These curiously shaped wheels seem to spiral out of control - could it be a tornado? A whirlpool? All we know is that it's a Wheel of Doom.

Beware when you use this item, caution is required, and Grimm & Co cannot be held responsible for any magical disasters or the sense of impending doom.

Note for Mortals:
Polished halves of ammonite fossils. Colour and size selected at random per order. An ideal fossil to add to a collection and display on a shelf.

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