Create Your Own Countdown Calendar

Welcome to the Shop Elves' first blog post! 

We have been very busy getting ready for the season of gifting with lots of lovely new products in our online apothecary and packaging parcels for orders all over the world. 

We thought it would be a lovely fun craft activity to get together and make ourselves a countdown for the festive season. We thought you might like to have a go at making your own, too?

We filled our little pouches with lots of Grimm & Co goodies, such as Word Wands, Crystallized Dragon Eggs, Journal of Secrets and Edible Magic Beans, all of which you can find on our online shop!
The Edible Fairy Dust and Edible Magic Beans come in our little pouches already so you don't have any extra work!


Follow the images and instructions below to create your own countdown calendar.

Decorated fireplace with festive decor on the mantlepiece and filled, numbered pouches hung below

1. For this project you will need the following objects - 24 pegs, 24 fabric bags or envelopes - small packets which you can leave little treats inside, scissors, string/twine, sheet of 24 (or more) stickers and pens. 

Supplies for crafting - plain stickers, pen, string, pegs, fabric pouches or envelopes and scissors

2. Begin by writing out each number from 1-24 on the sheet of stickers, one sticker for each number. Decorate these numbers however you like to make the numbers stand out.

Plain stickers numbered by hand from 1 - 24

3. Attach the sticker numbers to the fabric bags. 

Fabric pouch numbered with the number 6 handwritten on a sticker

4. Find a suitable place to hang your countdown pouches. We used the old fireplace at Grimm & Co. 

5. Measure out and attach the length of string or twine to where you are going to hang the pouches. Get a grown up to help you measure and when using the scissors to cut to length. We tied ours in a loop around the mantlepiece, but you could use drawing pins to pin up the twine or attach either end around a bannister or handrail on the stairs.

Shop Elf (staff member) measuring string over mantlepiece to hang the pouches

6. Use the pegs to attach the pouches/envelopes to the twine, you might need to adjust the pegs as you go to make room for all 24.

Fabric pouch numbered with a handwritten number 1 and hung onto the string with a peg

7. Fill your pouches/envelopes with small treats or goodies to open as you countdown throughout the festive season. 

Shop Elf (staff member) filling up the fabric pouch with a sweet treat

8. Seal the drawstrings on the pouches or stick down the envelopes closed so you aren't tempted to peek before the right day!

Fabric pouch filled with a sweet treat and tied shut ready to open as you countdown

We hope you enjoy making your countdown calendar, we would love to see your creations and what you fill your pouches with! 

Share your photos with us online at @grimmandco 

Best Wishes and good 'ealth
- The Shop Elves

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