Children's Gifts

Hand-picked by the Shop Elves, we have collected together our favourite items to give as gifts for kids (both mortal and magical, old and young).

In this guide we showcase some new arrivals, as well as some old favourites to choose from, but all of them are sure to surprise and delight a mini mortal.

Image showing the triple pack collection of Jigsaw Library puzzles featuring Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book and Wizard of Oz

  1. First up is our triple pack of literary themed puzzles in the Jigsaw Library collection. This gift set features three titles including Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book and Wizard of Oz. Each puzzle is double-sided which means twice the fun in creating either the front cover picture of the book or an extract from the story on the reverse.
    The triple pack costs £22.00, and you can bundle up with gift sets from £17.99 for the single puzzles
    Shop the complete Jigsaw Library collection here

    Image of Stems of a Story storytelling card game with cards featuring character, plot, setting and object categories
  2. Twists and Tales is a hilarious storytelling card game for playing on your own or in a group. The cards can be used in several different ways, making this game different every time. Choose from four decks of cards - character, object, setting and plot to build your story. Each card was written by children and young people from workshops at Grimm & Co.
    Click here to view Twists and Tales.

    Image shows the Gemstone collection with marble dragon eggs, mini gems, gemstone wishing trees and bottles of leprechaun fool's gold.
  3. The Gemstone collection showcases treasures from the natural world featured in both magical and mortal realms. Gems range from penny-sized jewels such as Friendship, Honesty and Bravery stones, to larger trinkets like Unicorn Horn Polishers and Portable Wishing Trees. 
    Shop the Gemstone collection here.

    Image shows a collection of festive children's books featuring titles including Nordic Tales, Letters from Father Christmas, The Crayons' Christmas and The Girl Who Saved Christmas.
  4. The Bookshelf in Grimm & Co is ever growing, and we have a range of beautiful and diverse books for children. From board books to bedtime stories, children's classics to folk and fairy tales. Each book is chosen by the Shop Elves to encourage reading, imagination, and to explore new tales and ideas. We especially love festive tales of wintry places that are perfect for reading on a chilly evening.
    Shop some of our favourite titles here

               Image shows a collection of storytelling card games including myrioramas like Shadow World and The Story Box.
  5. Our collection of games and puzzles features some fun interactive items and packs of cards for creating stories and stretching your imagination. Take a look at our series of myriorama cards that can combine to create several thousand different stories. There are options for various age groups and if you prefer more hand on activities you can always opt for the puppet theatre to tell your story.
    Shop story games here.

We hope our Top 5 list of gifts for children helps give you some inspiration for the gifting season.
Keep an eye out for more of our great gift guides coming soon!



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