Gifts for Writers

Next up in our updated 2022 gift guide list, we showcase some great choices and new products for those who love to write.  

                 Image of the Journal of Dreams in burgundy. Image of all the colours of Journal of Dreams including black, nutmeg, navy, burgundy and blue.

  1. Top on our list are our quintessential Journals of Dreams, Schemes and Wild Plots. Everyone loves good quality stationery and our vegan-leather journals are definitely high quality and beautifully functional. Leave us a note to say if you would like the journal embossed with someone's initials, for a personalised gift. The journals are re-fillable with inserts, meaning you never have to throw away your journal, just order refills including calendar, dotted, lined and plain pages.
    Shop our Journals here.

                  Image of Berry Sparkle limited edition shimmer ink in tin. Image of Dip Wand in Nutmeg brown Image of Vile Darkness black ink in tin. 
  2. Next up, if you love our Journals, you'll love having something beautiful with which to write in them. Our collection of Word Wands and Inks make the art of writing feel even more elegant, and with many styles and ink colours to choose from, you'll want to stock up on several for your writing desk. The Shop Elves recommend the limited edition inks which come in four colours and all have a metallic shimmer to make your words shine, the orange Joyful Hygge and red Berry Sparkle are great choices for this season.
    Take a look at the word wand collection here.

    Image shows four HB pencil sets in various colours with different titles such as Concentrated Novel, Just Add Writer, Creative License, Artistic License, Essential Writing Toolkit.
  3. Whilst the word wand category houses all our writing tools together, we thought it was worth showcasing these beautiful sets individually. Created by author Jenni Spangler, each set captures various elements of writing whether you are crafting a novel or channelling your artistic flair to create a masterpiece, these sets will be sure to inspire and help put you in the right frame of mind to write.
    Shop these word wand kits here.

    Image of the red notekeeper with soft-touch cover and handy pen holding tab on the side.
  4. Another essential for any writer is a simple notekeeper - this unassuming book is ideal for carrying in your Bag of Tricks (book bag) and jotting down thoughts and ideas as you go. With its handy elasticated pen holder, you'll never lose your Word Wand at the bottom of your bag again. The notekeeper features a bright and cheery red colour and soft-touch cover with lined pages inside. On the bottom right-hand corner of the cover is a laser etched message 'Grimm & Co Apothecary to the Magical' which will always remind you of the most magical place to go to top up your writing supplies.
    See the red Notekeeper here.

           Image of the silver metal fountain pen shaped lapel pin Image of the silver metal feather quill pen shaped lapel pin
  5. And lastly, why not wear your heart on your sleeve, or rather your lapel, and showcase your love of literacy with our collection of silver metal pins. For the times when you aren't writing, but want to feel every inch the writer, choose from a fountain pen nib, a feather quill or a stack of books to wear and provide a stylish talking point for any outfit.
    Find the writerly-themed pins here.

Let us know which gift you'd choose for the writers you know, or if you'll be keeping these beauties for yourself!

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