Image of a loosely woven, moss green unisex scarf with tassels along the bottom edges. Scarf is shown wrapped around a mannequin.
Close up image of the Kraft paper label for the Wool Gatherer scarf. Label states 'for those who want to indulge in idle daydreams'.

Wool Gatherer Scarf

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For those amongst us who enjoy nothing more than wandering off into an idle daydream, this wool gatherer provides the perfect excuse to leave the mundane behind...

As chosen by proprietor, Graham Grimm esquire, especially for wanderings on Hatherton Tops, this woven reverie helps you to cast off the restrictions of the everyday and step into musings of fantasy.
An ideal choice for when you have your head in the clouds.

Pair with: A sense of imagination and a snazzy hat such as Grimm & Co's Thinking Cap (sold separately)

Notes for Mortals:
Light, loosely woven polyester scarf with tassels in a moss green colour. Can also be worn as a wrap.
Measurements: approx. 180cm x 100cm

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