Image of 99% Phoenix Ash solid potion ingredient, otherwise known as lavender soap.
Image of 99% Phoenix Ash, otherwise known as lavender soap with lavender on top, shown without kraft label.
Image of the faux ingredients and side effects of 99% Phoenix Ash, lavender soap

99% Phoenix Ash Soap

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Turn up the heat with this fiery favourite! Made using hand swept free-range phoenix ash, this soap is one of the most versatile in our range. It can be used directly on skin to produce welts, boils and blisters, or blended and used for a plethora of different charms and curses.

Dragons: swallow one bar of soap whole to put the fire back in your belly. Other creatures please note this product has been known to cause spontaneous combustion.

Notes for mortals:
Handmade soap bar with a lavender scent.

x Phoenix ash
   Crow's feet
x Pigeon ash (Trace)

Side Effects:
x Spontaneous combustion
   Hairy eyeballs
x High temperature

Please note: Grimm & Co only use hand swept free-range phoenix ash.

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