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Goblin Mucus Soap
Goblin Mucus Soap

Goblin Mucus Soap

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Perfect as a potion sweetener, or just to enhance your green glow, our goblin mucus soap contains only the finest responsibly-sourced ingredients. Our unique blend contains 92% pure sneezed goblin mucus, along with scrapings of fermented ear wax. A dash of phlegm will leave your skin looking and feeling absolutely hideous – just the way you like it. Reported side effects include ringing in the ears and monobrow.

Notes for mortals:
Handmade soap bar with an apple and elderflower scent.

   92% goblin mucus
Fermented earwax

A dash of phlegm

Side effects:
x  Ringing in the ears
x  Monobrow
    Sudden urge to open a souvenir shop    


Part of our Soap & Gory range – because every creature has the right to remain ugly!

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