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Image of a Tranquility bar, a purple solid shampoo slice with a kraft paper label
Image of a Tranquility bar, a purple solid shampoo slice shown without label
Close up of Tranquility kraft paper label showing faux ingredients and side effects


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An addition to our popular phoenix ash potion range, this solid ingredient will cause vapours of tranquillity to rise from your cauldron. Using 100% hand swept, free range phoenix ashes, this potion provides a purifying and repairing formula to conjour a protective charm against stress and pollution.
Useful for luring princesses into a deep sleep. 

Notes for mortals: 
Handmade solid shampoo bar with a lavender and rosemary scent.
Locally made (Sheffield) with argan-based vegetable oils and environmentally and vegan friendly. Ideal for caring for and repairing hair that suffers from pollution and heat stresses.

X   Blended phoenix ash
      Note of birdsong
X   Drops from an ocean wave

Side Effects:
X   100 year sleep
X    Bone idleness
      Squeaky scalp

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