Image of a Brain Duster with bright pink feathers and black and white striped handle.
Image showing a variety of colours of Brain Dusters in purple, orange, white and hot pink with black and white striped handles with kraft labels.
Image showing a close-up of the kraft label saying Brain Duster attached to the black and white striped handle.

Brain Duster

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For anyone who has ever felt like their imagination runs away with them, or that their thought unblocker just wasn't strong enough, try wearing one of Grimm & Co's newest additions - the Thinking Cap.

These Thinking Caps are designed to allow your thoughts to roam freely and channel new ideas and inspiration to help you to improve your train of thought.
Simply pop the Thinking Cap on your head (take care if you have horns) and experience a time of deep thought and a kick-start to your imagination!

These also form part of the Human Disguise range to help you blend into the Mortal Realm when needed. To achieve the perfect Yorkshire disguise, Grimm & Co recommends chewing Ee By Gum (sold separately).

Notes for Mortals:

Woollen and acrylic tweed flat cap to fit children in sizes 52cm, 54cm and 56cm, approximately ages 4 - 12 years.
Colours are assorted in blues and browns.
Adult sizes also available, see Thinking Cap Wizard Size (Human Adult Equivalent)

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