Image of two crystallized fairy wings, agate slices with tear-drop shapes, one blue and one purple slice with the appearance of coloured glass.
Image of two Crystallized Fairy Wings, one pink and one turquoise with rings of colour in a rounded shape. These glass-like gems are made from agate slices.
Image of four different coloured Crystallized Fairy Wings in pink, purple, blue and turquoise. all gems are made from slices of agate with patterned rings of colour in slightly different shapes.

Crystallized Fairy Wings

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These glass-like jewels are the crystallised and outgrown wings of a fairy. Once a fairy grows their adult wings, the young ones are shed and become crystallized from the years of use with pixie dust to fly. 

Occasionally you may find a family of fairies who decorate their windows with shed baby wings as a decorative memento of childhood.

Note for Mortals:
Crystallized fairy wings are approximately three inches in size and come in a black organza drawstring pouch for storage, stones are made from agate. Colour and size selected at random per order. An ideal gem to add to a collection and display on a shelf.

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