Image showing the front of the box for the Endless Odyssey with muted colour palette and illustrations depicting a heroic warrior and a minotaur with an ancient sailing ship on the sea in the background
Image showing the back of the box of Endless Odyssey  showing some example playing cards featuring different mythical creatures and ancient Greek gods and scenarios in a muted colour palette contrasting with bold vivid red.

The Endless Odyssey: Storytelling Card Game

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Fire your imagination with these fun storytelling cards. Reviving the Victorian craze for 'myrioramas', the 20 picture cards can be placed in any order to create seamless scenes. Almost infinite combinations provide endless storyscaping possibilities.
Enter a strange land of winged horses and vengeful gods, where one-eyed monsters feast on human flesh. Perhaps you will stumble across buried treasure or receive a favourable prophecy, but watch out for the sinister boatman. He is waiting to transport you across the river, a journey from which no one has ever returned...
Where will the story take you?

By Marion Deuchars, illustrated by Sarah Young.

Notes for Mortals:
Publisher: Laurence King
ISBN: 9781786275172
Number of pages: 20 cards
Dimensions: 12.07 cm x 3.81 cm x 20.32 cm
Published: 14/10/2019

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