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Eternal Ugliness
Eternal Ugliness
Eternal Ugliness
Eternal Ugliness

Eternal Ugliness

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Fed up of your persistent beauty? Got a stepdaughter who needs bringing down a peg or two? Whatever the occasion, and whoever the subject, Grimm & Co’s Eternal Ugliness is for you. With extracts of smacked bottom, sow’s ear and shavings from an ugly stick, a small ladle-full is immediately effective for most creatures, including ogres, trolls and goblins. Use regularly to combat naturally occurring beauty.

Notes for mortals:
May chang, tea tree and juniper scented bath crystals.

x Smacked bottom
x Sow's ear
x Shavings from an ugly stick

Side Effects:
x Unpopularity
x Sense of humour loss
   Limbo dancing

Caution: Avoid mirrors after use to prevent 7 years’ bad luck. Part of Grimm & Co’s Curses range – they really are wicked.

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