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Extract of Genius
Extract of Genius
Extract of Genius
Extract of Genius

Extract of Genius

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Tired of dull conversations with unintelligent minions, familiars or giants? Trying to hatch an evil plot with no success? Either way, the Extract of Genius charm is for you! Using cutting-edge technology, our leading sorcerers have harnessed the brain power of the top ten human thinkers, combining the resulting brain cells with owl ear wax to produce a highly powerful and effective mixture.

Notes for mortals:
Lavender, Orange and Basil scented bath crystals.

x Crystallised brain cells from the top 10 human thinkers
x Poached owl ear wax

Side Effects:
x Others become invisible
   Involuntary swivelling of the hips
x Desire to collect stamps

Graham’s top tip: To achieve a full-bodied intellect, place the subject in a cauldron of warm water before sprinkling on a small ladle-full of the potion.
Please note, increased knowledge may result in feelings of power. Please use responsibly. Part of Grimm & Co’s Charms range – as good as your fairy godmother used to make.

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