Image shows part of a Festive Countdown Calendar: four jute drawstring bags hanging from red and white striped twine, attached by pegs that are numbered from one to four and stamped with the Grimm and Co. insignia. Also pegged to the bags are small pieces of paper showing days one to four of the story writing challenge. Poking out from inside the bags are a Rainbow Word Wand, Leprechaun wishes, a piece of Atlantean Sea Glass, and a Tongue Twister lollipop.
Image shows a fully set up Festive Countdown Calendar: 24 jute drawstring bags pegged to a piece of red and white striped twine with numbered pegs, each with a part of the 24 day story challenge also pegged to the front. Some of the bags have gifts peeking out of the top, including a Tongue Twister lollipop, a Word Family gingerbread biscuit, an orange biro quill, and a handmade magic wand.
Image shows the packaged Festive Countdown Calendar. A kraft paper bag pegged shut with a kraft card label attached to the peg with red and white striped twine. In front of the bag are a few examples of what is inside. From left to right: a drawstring jute bag tied shut, a small kraft pouch containing the length of twine, a red envelope with two parts of the 24 day story writing challenge, 4 pegs in a stack that are labelled 1, 2, 3, and 4, and a scroll of white paper instructions tied with striped twine.
Image shows a close up of the Festive Countdown Calendar label.

Festive Countdown Calendar Pack

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As the nights start drawing in and the festive season creeps closer, thoughts start turning to counting down the days until a certain special date. 

Grimm and Co. are here to help keep track with this Festive Countdown Calendar; a kit to create your very own 24 day hanging calendar, ready to fill with exciting gifts and treats of your choice, along with a special 24 day story challenge, so you can write your very own story day-by-day. 

Notes for Mortals:

The Festive Countdown Calendar contains 24 drawstring bags, a length of red and white striped twine, 24 numbered hanging pegs, and a 24 day story challenge.
Also contains instructions on how to put your calendar together, along with a few inspirational tips of what treats to include.  

Any other gift items featured in the example photos are not included, but can be bought separately. 

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