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Frog Spawn Soap
Frog Spawn Soap
Frog Spawn Soap

Frog Spawn Soap

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100% newt-free. Using only the freshest organic frog spawn, and just a drop of ear sweat from a free-range jogging human, our frog spawn soap is the perfect tool to combat those unwanted beauty buildups. Promotes wart growth and leaves skin feeling slimy – just as nature intended. This product can also be ground and used as a potion ingredient: possible side effects include webbed feet and tasty legs.

Notes for mortals:
Handmade soap bar with a kiwi fruit scent.

x Organic frog spawn
x Human ear sweat
   Eye of newt

Side Effects:
x Webbed feet
x Tasty legs

Please note, use of this product may attract unwanted attention from persistent princesses. Part of our Soap & Gory range – because every creature has the right to remain ugly!

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