Image shows the Giant Handkerchief unfolded to display design printed in purple, orange and slate grey on white cotton tea towel.  Design shows a literary map of Britain with names of famous authors shaped in and around the areas where they lived.
Image shows the kraft paper label of the Giant Handkerchief, otherwise known as a cotton tea towel.

Giant Handkerchief - Literary Map of Britain

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Our giant handkerchiefs have been woven from concentrated cobwebs by Anansi's house spiders to be ultra absorbent.  This product can be used to combat snot, sniffles and gunk of all varieties.  Also suitable for drying all grades of tears, including joy, laughter and boredom.

Due to the flammable nature of this product, use near dragons, phoenixes and firedrakes is not recommended.

Please note: This product is extremely absorbent and overuse may result in dehydration, desiccation and/or shrivelling.

Notes for Mortals:
100% cotton screen printed tea-towel.  Design shows names of authors of Britain printed around the locations where they lived.
Measures approximately 51x74cm.

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