Image of the Glimmer of Confidence, a tinned candle with slip lid in the Grimm & Tonic range with a black label and white text.
Image of lit candle in a tin, with two other candles in tins with lids shown either side
Image showing all three tinned candles in the Grimm & Tonic range including Glimmer of Confidence, Flicker of Fortune and Glow of Gratitude. Candles in silver tins with black labels and white text

Glimmer of Confidence

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Introducing our new Grimm & Tonic range featuring three distinctly different and tantalizing fragrances for your house, gingerbread or otherwise.
Since time began, a flickering flame has beguiled and mesmerized both magical and human beings alike.

A Glimmer of Confidence promises an inviting warmth and light with the soft sweetness and citrus fragrance of mimosa and mandarin.


   Taste of freedom

x Sugar-spun pom-poms
x Glass from a shattered ceiling

Side Effects: 

   Zest for the high life
x An itch for amateur dramatics
x Vertigo

Other fragrances available include Flicker of Fortune and Glow of Gratitude.

Notes for Mortals:

Vegan-friendly, soy wax candle with cotton wick. 
Mimosa and mandarin fragrance.
Burn time is 40 hours
Keep burning flame away from flammables, pets and children

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