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Grandma's Scabs Soap
Grandma's Scabs Soap
Grandma's Scabs Soap
Grandma's Scabs Soap

Grandma's Scabs Soap

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Due to popular demand, Grimm & Co have now released a solid version of our best-selling powdered potion, Grandma's Scabs. Frequently used as an enhancer to the “Eternal Ugliness” curse, Grandma’s Scabs are a natural, charm-free way to promote wart growth and encourage hideousness in the appearance of the subject. Please note this product will make the subject attractive to wolves. Contains a minimum of 90% natural scabs from a free-range Grandma. No swamp life was harmed in the making of this product.

Notes for mortals:
Handmade soap bar with a rose scent and rose petals.

x 90% Grandma's scabs
   Blister pus
x Verrucae shavings

Side Effects:
x Sprout farts
x Craving for boiled cabbage
   Hairy warts

Part of our Soap & Gory range – because every creature has the right to remain ugly!

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