Image shows a kraft card notebook with red elastic closure displaying the slogan 'Grimm & Co. HOW TO AVOID HUMANS and exercise in seclusion and obscurity'. The notebook is A5 size and has a red elastic pen loop.
Image shows an open notebook with lined pages with a red elastic pen loop and closure seen on the right-hand side of the open book.
Image shows a small stack of kraft notebooks with one displayed stood on top. The stack of notebooks bear the slogan 'Grimm & Co. HOW TO KEEP HUMANS AND OTHER LIVESTOCK' and the one on top says 'Grimm & Co. HOW TO AVOID HUMANS an exercise in seclusion and obscurity'. The top notebook has a Word Wand (Fancy) held in the elastic pen loop, sold separately.

Red/Kraft How to Avoid Humans NoteKeeper

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Share your suggestions for living in the mortal world without the constant annoyance of bumping into humans. Previous contributions have included taking residence in dark forests, acquiring camouflage or invisibility, and being really good at hiding. Part of the Grimm Notes collection.

Notes for mortals:
80-page A5 note book with red elastic cover loop and pen loop.

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