Image of the front cover of the hardback book I'm (Almost) Always Kind. The cover shows an illustration of two black children, one offering another a sweet from a bag, and a dog, frog, and tortoise around a small pool of water. Plants and fruit trees in shades of green and orange border the sides.
Image of the back of the book I'm Almost Always Kind.  The cover is white, with illustrations of one of the children from the front cover performing some 'kind' tasks, including moving a snail to safety, and helping fetch something down from a tall shelf.

I'm (Almost) Always Kind

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Being kind is super important, but it isn't always easy. Using a goodhearted, enthusiastic little boy's perspective, a lot of sensitivity and a little gentle humour, this story explores the potential pitfalls of trying to be kind, and what being kind really means. To be truly kind, it turns out, you have to try to look at things from other people's points of view. Delicate laser cut holes accumulate as the pages are turned to show how kindness feels and how it can spread from person to person.

Suitable for readers aged 3-5 years.

Author: Anna Milbourne.

Notes for Mortals:
Publisher: Usborne Publishing
ISBN: 9781474983303
Number of pages: 24
Dimensions: 29.8 cm x 1.1 cm x 23.7 cm
Published:  01/06/2021

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