Image of the Magic Draw closed. It is a small, black box, with Wizard's Magic on the front, and a small lip at one end to pull out the draw.
Image shows the Magic Draw opened with the silver coin inside. The switch that opens/closes the secret compartment is pushed up.
Image shows the Magic Draw opened without the coin.

Wizard's Magic Drawer

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Calling all wannabe sorcerers! Perfect this simple mortal magic trick to astound your fellows and move up the wizarding ranks. 
No need to utter as much as an Abracadabra! just give it a tap, open the drawer, and off you go. 

Note for Mortals:

Trick contains a draw with secret compartment and a silver-coloured plastic coin.
Open the draw to show the coin, close, flip the secret switch, and open to reveal the coin has disappeared.

Measures approximately: 5.5 x 4 x 1.5 cm

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