Image shows a Magical Compass, known in the mortal realm as a mood ring that changes colour with body temperature. In the magical realm the colours change to help you navigate to different beings or magical locations!
Image shows a hand wearing the Magical Compass ring.
Image shows the black flocked velvet drawstring bag which the Magical Compass will arrive packaged in.

Magical Compass Ring

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All magical beings need a map every now and again and this magical compass  will ensure all realms are navigable whether you are a magical or mortal being.
The compass comes with a handy guide to consult when wearing and in use - the compass will shift in colour depending on what magical realm you are near.

Realms listed include: dragon lairs, will o' the wisps leading you astray and even in the vicinity of the common giddy aunt.

Note for Mortals:
Colour changing ring with colour guide. Ring comes with a black velvet drawstring pouch for storage. 
*Product is not a toy and not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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