Image of three Pygmy Dragon Eggs sat inside an egg carton, one is wrapped and labelled how it will arrive if ordered, the other two are unwrapped to show the shape and various colours.
Image shows three Pygmy Dragon Eggs with a wrapped and labelled egg front and centre pictured how it will arrive, with two other unwrapped eggs in the background.

Pygmy Dragon Eggs

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 For an invigorating reaction in your cauldron, you may wish to add a pygmy dragon egg. Tossing a whole egg into a simmering basin creates a bubbling, frothing potion, scented with fruity aromas.

Harvested at sunset from the fiery volcanic nests of Himalayan pygmy dragons.
Please note: eggs are not suitable for incubating or hatching.
This product will not contain actual baby dragons, not suitable for eating, may cause scale growth.

Notes for mortals:
Egg-shaped bath fizzer with fruity scent. Colours are selected at random. One egg supplied. 60g each.

Free egg box container with an order of 6 eggs.


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