Image of the Roasted Magic Beans (Whole) - Snow Stone coffee beans. The image shows a bright yellow packet with a black and white drawing of a rabbit/hare in front of the moon. There are two labels attached to the top left corner of the packet with the name of the coffee, the fact that it is decaf, and the label underneath states that they are beans.
 Image of the back of the coffee packet. it is bright yellow, with black text.

Roasted Magic Beans (Whole) - Snow Stone

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These roasted magic beans are the perfect pick-me-up, suitable for even the least likely morning person. The beans can be ground and warmed up to create a delicious brew that is best enjoyed by a roaring fire when there is snow on the ground.

Notes for Mortals:
150g bag of coffee beans by Darkwoods
Medium to Dark roast

Flavours of chestnut, dried fruits and dark chocolate.

Farm & Region: Brazil Passeio, Colombia El Ata, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Altitude: Various
Process: Natural, Washed, Natural
Variety: Various arabicas

These are whole coffee beans, and will need to be ground.

Snow Stone, a winter blend, evokes all the flavours of the season.
Two natural processed coffees, one from Brazil and one from Ethiopia, that combine to give you a dried cherry sweetness and a smooth chestnut flavour. Added to this is a little washed processed coffee from Colombia.
The fuller roast style adds dark chocolate overtones and a full body.

The coffee takes its name from one of the Stanza Stones, a series of poems carved into the rocks in the Pennine Hills. The Snow Stone itself sits in a long disused quarry at Pule Hill above the village of Marsden, etched with a verse from acclaimed poet Simon Armitage.

A great go with item to accompany our Travel Cauldrons.

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