Image showing a white blanket on a brown sofa with an open book and a tray holding two battery operated candles, a cup of coffee and a mini bowl containing two wax melts and the Cosy Book Nook Scent Portal sat next to them.
Image showing an outdoor themed setting with fake grass and living plant wall. In the foreground is a log and some firewood kindling lit as though with the glow of firelight and a Celtic Tales book displayed with the Folktales by the Fireside Scent Portal and a mini bowl containing two wax melt cubes.
Image showing the Forgotten Library Scent Portal displayed against a backdrop of old clothbound books with a tobacco pipe sat on the bookshelf and a mini bowl containing two wax melt cubes.

Scent Portal Wax Melts

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Transport yourself to an ideal spot for curling up with a good book with these Scent Portal Wax Melts.

Handily split into 6 small cubes, ideal for a tea-light burner, once they start to melt they will release an alluring scent to fill the room and your senses. 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself drifting off to any of the three portal locations:
X    A Cosy Book Nook
X    Sharing Folktales by the Fireside
X    A Forgotten Library

Notes for Mortals:

Vegan-friendly, fragranced soy wax melts in a 6 cube block. 
Scents include: Cosy Book Nook (Café Latte), Folktales by the Fireside (Wood Smoke and Leather), and Forgotten Library (Warm Leather and Tobacco).
Keep out of reach of pets and children.

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