Image shows a single Spare Eye bath bomb. It is round and white, with a black charcoal centre - resembling a large eyeball.
Image shows three/four Spare Eye bath bombs stacked in a pyramid shape. They are round and white, with a black charcoal circle in the centre - resembling large eyeballs. They are wrapped in clear plastic.

Spare Eyes

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Are you a cyclops desiring a second eye? Want another point of view? Or just need an invigorating boost to your cauldron recipes?

For all such needs, Spare Eyes are now available!

These larger size eyeballs are a perfect fit for larger magical beings, and also create a bubbling, frothing potion when thrown into a simmering basin.

Note for Mortals:

An eyeball shaped bath bomb, sea salt and moss scented, with a charcoal centre.

Vegan Friendly.

Only one bath bomb per purchase. 


Sea Salt and Moss: Sodium BicarbonateCitric AcidAquaButyrospermum Parkii ButterSodium ChlorideParfumActivated CharcoalSucroseCI 77499Citronellol

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