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Success Stimulant
Success Stimulant
Success Stimulant
Success Stimulant

Success Stimulant

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Keep the sweet smell of success close at hand with this convenient ready-mixed charm. Using fairly traded fat of the land and just a dash of armpit sweat from an Olympic medal winner, this potion can guarantee that any plot, scheme or princess rescue will go off without a hitch.

Notes for mortals:
Eucalyptus, ginger and black pepper scented bath crystals.

x Sweat from a gold medal winner
x 4 x bees' knees
   Fat of the land

Side Effects:
x Fear of failure
x Craving for raw fish eggs
   Visions of happy faces rain from the clouds

Caution: please wear head protection when in the vicinity of a glass ceiling. Graham’s top tip: For best results, soak first with a dash of self-belief. Part of Grimm & Co’s Charms range – as good as your fairy godmother used to make.

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