Image of the front cover of the book The Little Book of Lost Words. The cover has a navy blue background, and no illustrations. The whole cover is taken up with red text that reads: 'The Little Book of Lost Words: collywobbles, snollygasters, and 86 other surprisingly useful terms worth resurrecting.'
Image of the back of The Little Book of Lost Words. The back cover has a navy blue background with a light blue border. The blurb for the book is written in the center in red and white text.

The Little Book of Lost Words

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This collection features scores of unique words from history that deal with surprisingly modern issues like sleeping in and procrastination--proving that some things never change! The Little Book of Lost Words presents each term that's ready to be brought back into modern-day use, complete with definition, hilarious sample sentence, and cheeky historical art. You'll learn new words for the cozy room where you like to Netflix and chill (snuggery), for a dishonest politician (snollygoster), and for a young person who sleeps through the day and doesn't work (dewdropper), among many others. 

Want to know what a fizgig or groke is? Read this book!

Author: Joe Gillard.

Notes for Mortals:
Publisher: Publishers Group UK
ISBN: 9780399582677
Number of pages: 512
Dimensions: 16.26 x 4.32 x 22.35 cm
Published: 23/06/2020

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