Image of the front cover of the book The Unexpected Tale of Bastien Bonlivre. The cover shows an illustration of three children in 1920s clothing running past a blue-shaded cityscape of Paris.
Image of the back cover of The Unexpected Tale of Bastien Bonlivre. Underneath the blurb, the cover features an illustration of a city roof scape, with shadowy figures jumping across.

The Unexpected Tale of Bastien Bonlivre

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The open door felt like an invitation, or a trap. Bastien wasn't sure which, but with no other choice, he stepped inside...and hoped he'd make it out again alive.

Bastien Bonlivre is a boy with a big imagination, determined to finish the story his parents started, left to him in a red notebook.

On the other side of Paris, bestselling author Olivier Odieux is struggling to complete his latest novel. Along with his villainous brothers, he is masterminding his greatest plot that will spread fear throughout the city and beyond.

What connects these two stories is a dangerous secret, a hidden mystery and an unexpected race across Paris for the truth. Can Bastien and his friends Alice, Theo and Sami be brave enough to stop Olivier stealing the ending they deserve?

Suitable for readers from 9-12 years.

Author: Clare Povey

Notes for Mortals:

Publisher: Usborne Publishing
ISBN: ‎978-1474986489

Number of pages: 352
Dimensions: ‎13.3 x 2.4 x 20 cm
Published: 02/09/2021


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