Image of the Thin Air  bottle from the Airs and Graces range: An empty glass potion bottle with cork. The bottle has a kraft tag around the neck, reading: Thin Air. Instant weather for any occasion. This bottle contains equatorial air
Image shows a side view of the Airs and Graces bottle. It is an empty, corked glass bottle, with a kraft label tied around the neck.
Image shows the full range of Airs and Graces bottles. From left to right: Hot Air, Thin Air, Breath of Fresh Air, Ill Wind, Trapped Wind, and Winds of Change.

Thin Air

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Grimm & Co have mastered the method of catching the most elusive form of weather in a corked bottle, ready for instant use whenever, and wherever you need! 

Choose from our range of air and wind, handily packaged to fit inside a bag of tricks or similar, select your preferred gusty climate and uncork to release.

This bottle contains an equatorial air, worries and woes will just evaporate.

Part of the Airs and Graces range.

Notes for Mortals:

Labelled empty glass bottle.

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