Image of the front of the book Write Your Own Poems. The cover background is bright yellow with a red spine. The title is written inside a black circle in the center. Surrounding the circle are various illustrations, including a dragon, mountains, pens and pencils, and  man with a long black beard full of types of birds. There are small amounts of text around the images explaining what the book can help with, including what is a poem, and does a poem have to rhyme.
Image of the back cover of the book Write Your Own Poems. The background is bright yellow with a black spine. The title is again in a black circle in the center, surrounded by a couple of illustrations, including flying keys, and a hot air balloon attached to a boat. Information about the book is written in black text underneath.

Write Your Own Poems

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Whether you want to dash off a limerick, ponder a sonnet or plot an epic poem, this write-in activity book is here to help. Each page is bursting with tips and inspiration for writing all kinds of poems - and inventing brand new styles too. With links to websites where you can listen to the poems in this book, and find more helpful writing tips.

Suitable for readers aged 8-11.

Author: Jerome Martin.

Notes for Mortals:
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781474950879
Number of pages: 96
Dimensions: 20.2 cm x 1.8 cm x 24.4 cm
Published:  03/10/2019

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